“Big Bang” Science-Research, November 2021, Week 2 — summary from DOE Pages

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In this work, we established an ordered Bayesian framework to estimate S -factors and atomic rates for the 3 He 4 He reaction, which influences the primordial abundances of 3 He and 7 Li. Along with the typical resonance parameters, we include the channel distance and limit problem parameters in the fitting procedure. Our new analysis of the 3 He 4 He S -element information causes enhanced quotes for the thermonuclear rates. In this work we check out the effect on the Big Bang nucleosynthesis from the visibility of a stochastic prehistoric electromagnetic field whose toughness is spatially inhomogeneous. We show that in such a situation, the efficient distribution function of fragment velocities averaged over domains of different temperature levels differs the Maxwell- Boltzmann circulation. We examine the average thermonuclear response rates compared to those of a solitary temperature and find that the balanced charged-particle reaction rates are extremely various. We examine the result of large baryonic isocurvature perturbations on the wealth of deuterium manufactured in big bang nucleosynthesis. We located that huge baryonic isocurvature perturbations existing at the BBN date change the D abundance by the second order effect, which, along with the current precise D measurement, results in a restraint on the amplitude of the power spectrum of the baryon isocurvature perturbations. We apply the BBN restraint to the leisure leptogenesis circumstance, where large baryon isocurvature perturbations are produced in the last N last e-fold of inflation, and we obtain a restraint on N last.

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