“Control Theory” Science-Research, February 2022 — summary from Astrophysics Data System

Astrophysics Data System — summary generated by Brevi Assistant

A distributed time participating support approach based on the finite-time control theory is suggested to solve the barrage attack problems of multi-hypersonic vehicles in three-dimensional space. The second-order system is defined with the relative range and the overall leading angle as the state variables, and the finite-time controller is designed based on the multi-agent cooperative control theory for achieving the uniformity of the system. Metabolic regulation is primarily known only for well-studied responses of central metabolism in model microorganisms. The resulting energy dissipation rate is an emergent property of regulation which might be represented by the high value of the adenylate energy charge. For nonlinear differential-algebraic formulas, we specify 2 types of equivalences, particularly, the external and inner equivalence. Then a treatment called explicitation with driving variables is proposed to connect nonlinear DAEs with nonlinear control systems and we show that the driving variables of an explicitation system can be lowered under some involutivity problems. The specific split-operator formula has been thoroughly utilized for solving linear and nonlinear time-dependent Schrödinger equations. The writers recognize the financial assistance from the Swiss National Science Foundation within the National Center of Competence in Research Molecular Ultrafast Science and Technology and from the European Research Council.

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