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Abstract Background Currently, no optimum localization method has been developed for localization of ground glass opacity. Conclusions The localization technique can accomplish satisfactory localization success rate and great safety profile. This paper offers a parametric research study on fire-tube vapor boilers’ warmth exchanging device making use of the Entropy Generation Minimization strategy. Correlation formula relating dimensionless fire-tube length to dimensionless tube size was also gotten. The objective of the study was to evaluate geometric and densitometric parameters of healthy and balanced and flawed tibiotarsal bones of male turkeys of hefty type with the usage of computed tomography. On the basis of the conducted research, it was found that substantial differences in the geometric and densitometric parameters between the proximal metaphysis and the center of the diaphysis of the deformed bones might result in deformities and cracks of tibiotarsal bones. The goal of the research study was to evaluate densitometric and geometric parameters of the portable bone and the trabecular diaphysis of the thigh of ostriches with making use of computed tomography. It was stated that the mineral content in the center of the diaphysis of the femur was significantly greater in males than in ladies. In order to clear up the electromechanical coupling qualities of polymer materials and prolong their applications in MEMS, electromechanical responses of PDMS with various electrodes and thicknesses under different loading conditions have been done experimentally and numerically. The outcomes reveal that the optimum stress of PDMS enhances with enhancing of filling rate and lowers with boosting of density, The optimum polarization voltage raises with increasing of strain rate, The maximum polarization voltages of PDMS with C electrode and + electrode have to do with 14 times that with circular electrode, the flexoelectric coefficients of PDMS are within the array of 10 − 11- 10 − 9C/m.

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