“Ion Implantation ” Science-Research, January 2022, Week 2 — summary from NASA Technology Transfer Program

NASA Technology Transfer Program — summary generated by Brevi Assistant

NASA is looking for interested parties to certify the Battery Management System created by trendsetters at Johnson Space Center. Trendsetters at NASA’s Glenn Research Center have established new modern technologies that raise the operational lifetime of a Hall impact thruster, which is made use of largely on Earth-orbiting satellites and can be utilized for deep-space robot vehicles. Small satellites are satellites of low mass and dimension, usually under 500 kg. Previous efforts to make use of vacuum cleaner arc technology for spacecraft propulsion have had a number of issues. When driven into thermal runaway problems, innovators at NASA Johnson Space Center have established an approach to measure the total and fractional heat response of big layout Li-ion cells. Because of the nature of the huge format cells, an entirely different design was needed for a calorimeter contrasted to the little style gadget. Innovators at NASA Johnson Space Center established a method to test thermal monitoring systems of lithium-ion batteries called Small Format fractional Thermal Runaway Calorimetry making use of one-of-akind testing hardware. Unlike cylindrical cells, pouch cells call for consistent compression on either side of the cell and the capacity for the cell to be unconstrained along the joints to make sure that the cell can air vent in any direction when a thermal runaway condition is generated. NASAs Marshall Research Center has created a system for producing iodine vapor from strong iodine, for use as a propellant in a Hall or ion thruster propulsion system. Xenon has usually been the preferred propellant of selection for these spacecraft ion propulsion systems, yet extra recently iodine-based systems have gotten substantial attention because of similar performance to xenon, and the system-level advantages of reduced storage pressure and greater storage density with even more propellant each quantity.

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