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A series of 16 complexes of 1,2-bis benzene and 1,2-bis-4methyl benzene compounds with Ti, Zr, V, Fe, Carbon Monoxide, Ni and Cu were synthesized and characterized. The produced resins showed high molecular weights connected with wide and even bimodal molecular weight circulations for all driver systems other than the polymers produced with nickel drivers 9 and 17/MAO. New porphyrin-functionalized benzoxazine in high pureness and yield was synthesized in this study based upon 1 H and 13 C NMR and FTIR spectroscopic evaluations through the decrease of Schiff base formed from tetrakisporphyrin and salicylaldehyde and the succeeding reaction with CH 2 O. An examination of the thermal and luminescence properties of metal- porphyrin complexes revealed that the insertion of Ni and Zn ions reduced the thermal ROP temperature levels of the Por-BZ/Ni and Por-BZ/Zn complexes substantially, to 241 and 231 ° C, specifically. The complexes were created as [Carbon monoxide 2 Cl 2], [Cu 2 2], [Ni 2 Cl 2 H 2 O], [Cd 2 Br 2], [Fe 3] -3 and [Mn 2 Cl 2] Characterized by essential Analysis, conductivity, IR, UV-Vis, Magnet moment and 1 H-NMR and Mass spectroscopies. A unique Schiff base ligand containing nitrogen and sulfur donor atoms was synthesized by condensing thioamide with imidothioic acid to form 1 4 dithiane-2 3-diamine. Complexes of 3- [- Prop-2enoyl] -4hydroxy-6methyl-2H-chromene-2one with Cu, Ni, Fe, Co and Mn have been manufactured and identified using elemental analysis, IR spectra and conductivity measurements. Div align=warrant > Metal complexes of Mn, Cu, Ni & Carbon monoxide with quinoline derivatives have been manufactured and characterized by elemental evaluation, molar conductance, magnetic activity, electronic spectra, thermal evaluation and IR spectral information.

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