“Nuclear Reaction” Science-Research, March 2022 — summary from Astrophysics Data System

Astrophysics Data System — summary generated by Brevi Assistant

Complex change density can be built by a nuclear framework model with a complex basis and/or complex coefficient. The impact of the stage variable on the inelastic and elastic sample can be seen in the CC calculation. The samples of the nuclear reactions are 142 Nd 141 Nd, 148 Nd 147 Nd, 150 Nd 149 Nd, 142 Nd 141m Nd and 146 Nd 146 Pr at 14. 77 MeV neutron energy and the cross area of the 142 Nd 141 Nd, 148 Nd 147 Nd and 150 Nd 149 Nd nuclear reaction at 10 and 15 MeV bremsstrahlung endpoint powers were gauged using offline gamma spectroscopy. The experimental results contrasted with the formerly reported EXFOR data and with the examined nuclear data libraries ENDF/B. To obtain the energy distributions and random sample of released light charged particles, and to discover the nuclear reaction, experiments of 80. 5 MeV/u 12 C beam of light pestering on C, Cu, W, Au, Pb targets has been accomplished at the Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Results show that larger targets have larger dual differential cross areas, and the emitted fragments often tend to move forward.

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