“Nuclear Reaction” Science-Research, November 2021 — summary from Astrophysics Data System

Astrophysics Data System — summary generated by Brevi Assistant

Formation of Yb and Tm radioisotopes upon irradiation of ytterbium of natural isotopic structure by bremsstrahlung photons with energies as much as 55 MeV was studied. Thulium radioisotopes were divided from irradiated ytterbium target by extraction chromatography on the LN Resin sorbent in nitric media. Effective separation of tracer amounts of thulium from 10s of milligrams of ytterbium might be attained. The effects of acid therapy on the surface area layer of soda-lime-silica glasses were examined by nuclear reaction evaluation and C 60 -Xray photoelectron spectroscopy in a depth-resolved fashion. Presuming the ion exchange reaction in between the alkaline and alkaline earth aspects with H 3 O +, the Si-OH focus profile was examined from the exhaustion profiles of magnesium, sodium, and calcium. From the distinction between the Si-OH profile and H distribution gotten by NRA, the H 2 O/Si-OH ratio in the leached layer was estimated at 1. 3. Sensible nuclear reaction cross-section models are an essential ingredient of reliable heavy-ion transportation codes. In this research study, a collection of overall nuclear reaction cross-section data has been generated within a GSI-ESA-NASA cooperation. Literary works gaps are aimed out and considerations are made regarding which models fit best the existing data for the most relevant systems for radiation protection precede and heavy-ion therapy. Nuclear physics plays a duty in many astrophysical environments, such as type-I x-ray bursts. The plateau-like structure and reduced degree density call for additional measurements of the spin distribution in order to establish if the HF approach is a viable tool to explain 59Cu There is some evidence of the existence of the 8. 991 MeV ecstatic state in addition to the 9. 08 MeV fired up state.

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